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Only the Scripture is the inspired, genuine and definitive Word of God, the sole guiding principle of our faith. Unaffiliated with any organization, church, denomination or association, we only belong to the one true Church of Christ and pursue the aim of acquiring a better understanding of the Scripture by examining it.

If we are willing to submit to the Bible and to compare Scripture with Scripture, it opens and explains itself to us. Very soon we can discover that certain principles and structures in the Bible repeat themselves like variations on a theme which all point to the Lord Jesus Christ. As Christ is central in the Bible, it is therefore very important for us Christians to come to know Him better and to find out what He has to tell us. As a consequence, we should not fill our brains with many facts and theories, but our hearts with the Word of God. This web site is intended for those who wish to learn more about the Bible. The information available on this web site can be used without any obligation.

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Bible Study audio cassette 'The Good Samaritan' Bible Study booklet 'Bible Panorama'

All of the following audio and written Bible studies were given by the Bible teacher Ab Klein Haneveld.

The audio Bible studies are available for free and instant download in the mp3 format.

The written Bible studies were translated by several Christians. In this series "Bible study" twelve booklets have been published in the English language until now. These booklets may be downloaded free of charge. Furthermore, various booklets are available in French or German.


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