Bible Teacher Ab Klein Haneveld

Photo showing Ab Klein Haneveld

He comes from a dynasty of Bible-researchers. In emulation of his father and his grandfather, Ab Klein Haneveld (born in 1945) gives Bible classes for a better understanding of God’s Word. Furthermore he leads Bible study groups and Bible conferences. He also was a teacher at various Bible schools. His Bible studies are recorded on audio tapes and CDs with the intention to show the different and essential aspects that are linked to the faith in Jesus Christ. The audio tapes are a big help to many people to gain a better insight into the Bible and to obtain a tighter relationship with the Bible. In this way, the life of faith of many people has undergone a profound change.

Ab Klein Haneveld’s way of preaching is characterized by a complete submission to the authority of God’s Word. He also firmly believes that the Bible is literally inspired by the Holy Spirit. In addition, he places every Bible passage into the general context of the Scripture. Instead of referring to theological views, he lets only speak the Word of God. He demonstrates that the Scripture explains itself and that the Lord Jesus Christ is central in it.

Ab Klein Haneveld works for the 'Nederlands Bijbelstudie Centrum' (NBC) which he founded himself. The NBC does not belong to a denomination and has no other aim but to help Christians to consolidate their knowledge of the Bible.